Client/Server Applications

A client/server application is two- tier architecture design allowing for a distribution of workloads. The server tier allows for a centralization of shared resources where many clients can make request of services provided from a high-capacity backend. The client portion generally consist of many applications and/or ‘workstations’ which are not shared resources and are utilized as a presentation layer to access functions provided by the server layer.

Innovative Architects' certified application development professionals can design, develop and implement customer specific application solutions utilizing best practices that meet your specific business needs. From small companies to global enterprises, Innovative Architects has the knowledge and experience to provide robust solutions allowing organizations to operate well into the future and throughout the growth of the organization.

Application Services

  • Enterprise ready custom application development tailored to specific business needs
  • Cross-platform mobile applications with rich user experiences
  • Prioritize deployment, stabilization, and ongoing support & maintenance of the application.

Web Based Application

Web based applications are generally considered n-tier applications composed of a combination of a presentation, application and data tier. This distributed model allows easier management of enterprise needs such as scalability, performance and support.

The presentation tier is generally represented by a thin client, such as a web browser, due to it ubiquitous nature and the ability to update, use, or maintain the application without any need to distribute and install the software on multiple client computers. The application tier provides for centralization of services and enforcement of business rules. The data tier facilitates storage capabilities.

Innovative Architects breath of experienced and certified specialists who can design and develop enterprise web based applications for your business needs.

Web Based Application Services

  • Open application architecture that provides a smart, productive, and scalable solution.
  • Fully controlled and transparent development processes with seamless communication.
  • Customize business needs, requirements, and expectations to a highly functional and usable application.