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Experienced Microsoft BizTalk Server Consulting and Implementation

The power of BizTalk Server development and integration can boost your businesses communications. Disparate systems and applications are integrated with a single reusable, loosely coupled, and centrally managed layer to achieve overarching capability, which helps eliminate various point-to-point communication processes. Rich adapters, communication protocols, enterprise service buses, bridges to AppFabric, as well as connections with cloud based solutions allow business to achieve required functionality quickly, conforming industry standards, and leveraging on-premise and cloud infrastructures. This is not an investment on a new software, but reinforcing the investment you currently have by raising business efficiency and maximizing ROI on software.

Knowing how to make the most of the Microsoft BizTalk Server is essential to achieving maximum effectiveness in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and automation of business processes. Professional BizTalk consultants at Innovative Architects makes your BizTalk implementation go smoothly - connecting multiple applications across multiple platforms both inside and outside the organization (business-to-business integration), exchanging data and orchestrating business procedures. Highly skilled Microsoft BizTalk server consultants provide a full range of services and vast experience in business process automation, integration, infrastructure evaluations and installations, and consulting for companies of smaller sizes to multinational corporations like ScanSource, Cox Media, First Citizens Bank, and Kemet.

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Consulting Services

Our expert BizTalk consultants are ready to help with every aspect of your business-to-business, EDI, SOA, and systems integration needs, including:

  • Development of BizTalk Server system-to-system and B2B applications
  • Leverage additional BizTalk Server components, including BAM, BRE, and RFID
  • EDI & HIPAA solutions and migrations
  • ESB Architecture and Implementation, including the ESB Toolkit 2.0
  • Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Superior classroom training and mentoring services
  • Integration between on-premises and cloud-based resources
  • X12 and EDIFACT as a part of the EDI bullet point
  • RosettaNet implementation solutions
  • integration and automation solutions
  • BizTalk version upgrade and BizTalk in the cloud migration
  • Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS)
  • Sharepoint workflow integration solutions

BizTalk Case Studies

  • BlueCross BlueShield
    Growing from 5,000 to 30,000 claims being processed per day, BizTalk helped increase the quality and accuracy of data.
  • Kemet
    Today, manufacturers such as KEMET achieve their business objectives affordably and promptly thanks to enterprise-class B2B information integration.
  • Bunch
    Gives Bunch the ability to interface with their external trading partners.
  • E-Z-Go
    E-Z-GO needed to exchange inventory information between their JBA ERP system (running on an IBM AS/400®) and their new Red Prairie warehouse management system.
  • First Citizens Bank
    First Citizens Bank needed to expose the functionality of its mainframe transactions in order to aggregate data from disparate host systems and to extend the availability of its mainframe financial applications across the organization.
  • Author Solutions
    To progress to the next level of success, ASI needed to build an integrated platform for all of their imprints including: sales activities, publishing back office, ecommerce sales and content management
  • HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation
    To progress to the next level of success, ASI needed to build an integrated platform for all of their imprints including: sales activities, publishing back office, ecommerce sales and content management
  • Berry The Berry Company and Local Insight Media recognized the need to take their publishing capabilities to the next level in order to succeed in a changing landscape. As Local Insight Media acquired additional companies and third party agreements, they had an array of various systems that were not adequate across their global footprint.
  • Berry - Sales Force
    The Berry Company decided to use as their CRM vendor due to their maturity in the industry, large customer base, powerful user interface, and high customer satisfaction.


BlueCross BlueShield- North Carolina Kemet
Bunch Bank of America


"Thank you Innovative Architects! We would not be live on SAP and MSFT BizTalk without you!"

Dennis Strom, Corporate Director, Business Applications, Siemens Water Technologies Corporation