BizTalk Education

Integrating Your Systems and Partners

Your business processes extend beyond any single system and even the boundaries of your company. Integrating incompatible systems, both your own and your partners’, is a challenging process made simpler with Microsoft BizTalk. Whether your integration strategy is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), BizTalk can help.

Why BizTalk?

BizTalk is a powerful integration and business process automation tool, but not the only one offered by Microsoft. Our BizTalk education program can help your IT team decide which projects are good fits for BizTalk and how to create an architecture that blends integration best practices across all of your systems and partners.

Developing BizTalk Solutions

Developing an efficient and practical BizTalk application may seem daunting at first. By putting your development team through a BizTalk education program, you can help ensure each and every development effort is successful, and that your integration design can withstand the test of time.

Managing a BizTalk Infrastructure

After development is done, you will need to move your BizTalk applications into a highly available and scalable production environment. Innovative Architects’ education and consulting helps your infrastructure team manage BizTalk’s unique infrastructure requirements. Let us put together a custom BizTalk education program for your company and help you simplify your system integration projects.

About Our BizTalk Consulting Practice

Our expert Microsoft BizTalk consultants are ready to help with every aspect of your business-to-business, EDI, SOA, and systems integration needs. We provide a full range of services and vast experience in business process automation, integration, infrastructure evaluations and installations, and consulting for companies of smaller sizes to multinational corporations like ScanSource, Cox Media, First Citizens Bank, and Kemet.

Sample Modules

  • Introduction to BizTalk
  • Creating Maps, Schemas
  • Deploying Applications
  • Routing Messages
  • Creating Pipelines
  • Adapters
  • Business Process Design
  • Transactional Processes
  • Administration


  • BizTalk 2009, 2010, 2013
  • Standard, Enterprise
  • Enterprise Service Bus, EDI, Integration Services

Innovative Architects' education programs are focused consulting engagements, not mass-produced lectures.

Our in-house experts custom tailor a program to your unique needs.