Information Insight Consulting

Information Insight was intentionally differentiated from “Business Intelligence” which generally focuses more on tools than gleaning actionable insights from the oceans of data that generally exist within an organization. Also, while our reporting and data analytics solutions are generally designed using the Microsoft technology, it doesn’t require companies to completely shift away from their existing Business Intelligence platform. The goal of our Information Insight practice is to provide the most economical alternative for delivering actionable, reliable information that answers the toughest questions you would ask your business.

Information Insight

Information Insight combines our experience in data warehousing, data mining, multi-dimensional analytics and data visualization to provide you with answers to questions like:

  • Where do I find my next new customer?
  • What strategies should I be using to improve profitability?
  • Where can I reduce costs with effective quality or customer satisfaction?
  • How well are we performing compared to my competitors?
  • Can I visualize market campaign performance in real-time?

Featured Servers

Information Insight consulting also differs from typical Business Intelligence engagements in that solutions can be designed, developed and deployed in a matter of weeks vs. months. Leveraging the Microsoft framework also provides for solutions to be highly customized yet very affordable.

  • SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Performance Point


"The professional services that Innovative Architects (IA) provides to Wyndham’s Risk Management group have been and remain important tools in our tool box. IA has allowed us to bring life to conceptual and has helped us achieve efficiency while redefining the way we conduct business. IA is a trusted member of our team and our success is their success" "

Jim Iervolino, Wyndham Worldwide, VP, Risk Management & Insurance