CRM Data Importer

Sales professionals rely on relationships and contacts to be successful. It is critical to maintain contact information compiled over time as well as integrate new contact lists provided from external sources. The IA DataWiz provides the ability to upload contact information to a central location such as Microsoft Business Solutions CRM, which makes managing and sharing contact information easier and more efficient.

IA DataWiz

  • Import account data in addition to contacts and leads; eliminating manual entry into CRM
  • Import as many addresses as Microsoft CRM has address types
  • Auto mapping feature automatically maps source data to Microsoft CRM fields
  • Single source field can be mapped to multiple Microsoft CRM fields

CRM Limitations

  • Time consuming to manually enter all contacts into CRM
  • Time consuming to enter all the various fields available for each contact into CRM
  • No ability to map fields automatically
  • No ability to map a single field to multiple fields