Document And Policy Management

Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to efficiently and effectively manage their policies and procedures. Some organizations have moved away from binder-based methods and have gone paperless, implementing some Microsoft solutions to keep up with the influx of new and revised policy and procedure documents.

Click Policy is a complete, web-based solution for the management, distribution, and organization of your company’s written policy and procedure directives. Organizations wishing to convert their paper and binder-based policies and procedures into electronic formats can use our services prior to going live with Click Policy. We will also assist with electronic document management and organization.

Click Policy

  • Collaborate with peers for creation and review; automated emails
  • Older documents automatically archived when new versions are updated
  • Search across every document; Secure Search ensures that users are restricted to viewing only the documents that they have permission to see
  • Documents are protected from unauthorized access and accidental modifications

Current Policy Limitations

  • Collaboration is limited and difficult to manage
  • There are several versions of the same document and it’s difficult to tell which is the latest and most up-to-date
  • No ability to control viewing levels or to search for documents
  • Edits are saved by mistake or users are making edits who aren’t authorized to modify