FAST Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is rapidly becoming a competitive story for many organizations, receiving top priority for technology investment. Unlike business intelligence where there is a predefined answer that is requested of a system, enterprise search provides a persistent ad-hoc platform that asks unstructured questions often from unstructured data that can exist inside and outside a particular enterprise.

As Microsoft’ SharePoint platform continues to grow in popularity as a central portal for organizing and storing content within a collaborative framework, it can quickly be seen why Microsoft has chosen to integrate its FAST search engine product within Microsoft SharePoint. However, even if you are considering an enterprise search solution outside of the SharePoint framework, FAST search provides a superior platform for building rich, interactive experiences for discovering information.

FAST Implementation

Whether you are considering a standalone implementation of FAST or considering the integration of FAST into SharePoint or ecommerce site, our consultants can help you architect, test and deploy engaging FAST search applications, providing you with:

  • Enhanced search accuracy
  • Improved search customization and filtering
  • Unified search across your entire enterprise
  • Improved visualization of search results