6 Tech Trends that are Changing the Way We Do Business

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Recently, there has been a lot of development in the world of technology. Find out what we mean by taking a look at these 6 new technological advancements that have gained traction and could very well take off in the near future:

1. The Public Cloud

A merger between IaaS and PaaS has made it easier to build and launch apps in the Cloud. In fact, all of the biggest public clouds have integration with Amazon Web Services, which now allows for multiple PaaS options. While the public cloud has soared, the private cloud has not advanced due to the costs associated with its upkeep.

Currently, cloud computing is where most of the tech development is. While some companies are hesitant to migrate their information to a remote server, the cloud is likely to become mainstream in a short amount of time.

2. Container Madness

There are many open source projects kicking around in the tech world currently, and Docker is probably the hottest. Docker works by allowing you to pack up your applications into containers that can then be run on a Linux kernel. This means your application(s) can be completely portable and lightweight.

Docker has partnered with Microsoft to ensure that it is also Windows-friendly. Currently, Docker is mostly used to transport apps from development to testing to production; however, eventually Docker will likely work to move apps between clouds.

3. Microservices

Microservices are the platforms on which web and app developers build their applications (in order to avoid having to build everything from scratch). The development of Docker has made this process even easier by helping to package and launch new programs.

4. Multicloud Services

The cloud as we know it is large and complicated; moreover, the more you tweak it, the more you and/or your business becomes dependent on access to the unique features you create. Doing so with the public cloud may lock your business into someone else’s platform—something large companies want to avoid.

The tools to help manage apps across a series of clouds were developed long before multiclouds were popular, but as of recently, more are emerging as multicloud services become more in demand.

5. A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is now known as machine learning. The problem with working with or discussing machine learning is that it often stretches the limits of what can be achieved. On the flip side of the coin, though, scientists and developers cannot rest on the work they’ve already done and expect further advancement. Basically, there is a fine line between the two. Big data and open source projects are currently walking this line.

6. Decline of Network Switches

Network switches will not disappear overnight. However, according to infoworld.com, eventually “virtual network devices, software-defined networking, and the abundant horsepower of servers” will begin to take their place.


In case you didn’t notice, there is a commonality to these 6 tech trends: open source. Open source is becoming a larger part of the technology field—specifically how people begin startups and gain a footing, as well as how customers test out new technologies for themselves.

In time, there will be a shift from IT hardware maintenance to subscribing to cloud services. In addition, these companies will start to develop their own quality apps, which will set them apart from other businesses. Those that do this the best will rise to the top.

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