What is an Enterprise Content Management System?

Before we delve into what enterprise content management systems are, we should first discuss what the term 'enterprise content management' means. Simply "managing" content so you can locate the correct version of a document is not enough.

Companies must go further to manage content; the content must be used to effectively accomplish business goals. Enterprise content management systems are central to making this a reality for many businesses and organizations. Enterprise content management systems are software systems that assist companies and organizations in capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivering vital company information.

An ECM system's primary objectives are to streamline access, eliminate holdups, enhance security and integrity and minimize overhead. The tools and technologies of ECM help manage the complete lifecycle of content from birth to death. The specific components include:

  1. Capture - Create, obtain and organize information
  2. Manage - Process, modify and employ information
  3. Store - Temporary backup of frequently changing information for the short term
  4. Preserve - Backup of infrequent changing information for the medium and long term
  5. Deliver - Provide clients and end users with requested information

There are many ECM systems on the market. Some are web based while others are hosted on servers within the company's headquarters and are only accessible on dedicated networks. Popular ECM systems include: Microsoft SharePoint server, IBM Enterprise CMS, Documentum ECM, Inmedius, Oracle ECM, Perceptive Software and more.

Microsoft SharePoint in particular is an excellent choice for Microsoft-centric IT organizations and integrates document management technology with already familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications. It provides enhanced content management for both structured (databases, application and code repositories) and unstructured (Office documents, Web pages, PDFs, and email) content. SharePoint combines document management, records management and web content management within a single platform to form a true Enterprise Content Management System for a corporations Intranet, Extranet or customer facing Internet.

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