Pros and Cons of Outsourcing your Company's IT

If you are considering outsourcing IT for your business, you are not alone. A growing number of companies are acquiring business technology services from outside firms to free up their staffing budgets. The final determination on whether to outsource technology services, though, is a choice that is individual to each specific business.

Before making your final determination, weigh the pros and cons of these services against your organization's needs.

Possible Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Free up your staff and your budget - The nationwide average salary of a network administrator is $77,000 a year. This number may fluctuate based on cost of living in specific areas, but even at its lowest, you can expect to pay upwards of $30,000 a year for a single qualified IT specialist.

Some companies try to avoid this expense by delegating business technology services to their existing employees. This takes these employees outside their area of expertise and often conflicts with their other responsibilities. Additionally, technology can be very complex. Employees taking on these duties without the necessary experience and expertise can make costly mistakes, despite their best efforts.

Outsourcing IT, on the other hand, gives you access to qualified professionals at a much lower cost than sustaining a permanent IT staff.

Flexibility and reliability - A growing business has very specific technology needs. Assessing those needs accurately often requires someone with extensive experience. Otherwise, you may find yourself entering into a serious endeavor without the proper tools. Alternatively, you could end up overestimating your needs, leaving you with large bills for unnecessary purchases.

Companies that provide business technology services as their primary function employ individuals experienced with business growth who can help you assess the specific requirements to meet your goals, and recommend necessary hardware and software purchases.

Potential Drawbacks

While the benefits listed above make outsourcing IT seem like the best possible choice for every business, each company is different. Before making the choice to look elsewhere for business technology services, you should consider every potential outcome.

Security concerns - While most technology outsourcing companies take security very seriously, you must still consider the ramifications of allowing those not directly employed by your business to have access to your files.

In addition to the security of your information, you must also consider the security of your relationship with the company you select for your IT needs. In the sometimes volatile business world, companies can come and go. If you determine that outsourcing IT is the best choice for your organization, be sure you are working with an established firm.

Being left out of the loop - when you outsource any part of your operations, you risk being unaware of changes. The staff of the business technology services company you contract can change without your knowledge, or they could adjust their infrastructure and procedures in ways that no longer mesh with your vision for your company's IT needs.

The only way to guarantee complete control of your business's technology is to keep all related operations in-house.

The Big Picture

Many businesses can benefit from outsourcing IT simply due to the fact that these services cost far less than maintaining a full-time IT staff. If maintaining absolute control of your company's technology is most important to you, though, you may want to consider in-house options.

Whatever you decide, in today's world IT is one of the most important departments in every company. By researching outsourcing IT for your business technology services, you are already taking a step in the right direction toward guaranteeing future success.

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