The Tech World No Longer 'A Man's World' because of Cloud Computing

Over the next six years, the Department of Labor feels that cloud computing will create 1.4 million jobs. While there is no one with a crystal ball who can predict who will be in these job positions, companies like Intel think these jobs are an opportunity for the tech world to become more female-friendly.

The US Department of Labor also suggests that colleges and universities will not produce all of the candidates needed to fulfill the 1.4 million jobs—they’ll only graduate around 29% of what’s needed.

Changing traditions and networking opportunities

Not only does Intel (and an increasing number of other tech companies) feel that the growing sector of cloud computing is a way for women to become more active in the high-tech world; they are also working to help women break through. In fact, Intel paid up to half the cost of registration) for women to attend the IT Cloud Computing Conference (IC3) held in October 2014.

In addition to Intel’s push to help women break into technology, there is also a national movement to try to close this gap called Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code is backed by some of the biggest companies (including Adobe, Amazon, Intel and Facebook) with the goal of helping “to reach gender parity in computing fields” according to their mission statement. Moreover, they believe that by exposing girls to computer-related fields early will increase the number of women in tech fields when they’re older.

Refreshingly, Girls Who Code has seen resounding success. The program started in 2012 and only had 20 members, but at the end of their second year, Girls Who Code is expected to have over 3,000 members.

Intel also helped around 50 women majoring in science, technology, engineering and math (i.e. STEM) attend the conference free of charge—which usually has a price tag of $1,800. This conference featured presenters from Amazon, Google and IBM—huge names for a 400-attendee conference.

Another venue for women looking to break though into the world of cloud computing is CloudNOW—a non-profit group that works to promote women and diversity in the field of technology.

Historically, the world of technology has been a male-driven world. With women becoming a part of the dialogue (by being able to network with like-minded people), general discussion about technology is beginning to change.

Not such a new concept

Intel’s interest in helping make sure there is diversity in the field of technology is not a recent invention. Several dozen years ago, Intel created a mentoring department to help women within the field of engineering propel themselves upward. Since then, high-level female engineers have doubled from 22 to 56. Due to Intel’s efforts, not only are more women working in high-tech fields, they are also gaining recognition for the jobs they’re performing.

This past year, Intel was presented with the Top Company for Women in Computing award by the Anita Borg Institute. In addition, Renée James, Intel’s president, is on Fortune’s list of Most Powerful Women at number 21.

The current state of women in tech jobs

In terms of women currently in technology fields, women make up less than 25% of positions. What is shocking though is women are more likely to use technologies like social media and the internet. Experts in the field feel that if you combine the statistics of female web usage with the current explosion of cloud services that it could change the trend of what is seen as the tradition of IT culture.

For groups like Girls Who Code who are seeking gender parity, they suggest that companies will need to hire roughly 700,000 women by 2020 to help fill the 1.4 million tech jobs that are projected. In order to do this, about 4.6 million girls will need to be exposed to technology education by the time they begin deciding what they want their careers to be.

The world of cloud computing is in a constant upward motion. In order to keep this going, it’s important to give everyone the education and experience needed to join the field. Innovative Architects is proud to help up and coming IT professionals gain valuable experience by offering cloud computing services, and other cutting edge solutions to address core business challenges.