10 Mobility Trends to Watch

Mobility is quickly redefining how we organize our businesses and IT departments. While some assume these changes are simply due to the continual rise in smartphone use, other tech systems, like the Internet of Things (IoT), are also contributing. When these new technologies intersect with big data, cloud computing and social media, opportunities to use them to your business's advantage grow exponentially.

Given that the boom in technologies can place a strain on your IT department, you should take the time to consider what mobility trends are most likely to shape how we use the enterprise and what your IT or business department can do to capitalize.

Apps, Apps, Apps

Expect to see an increase in organizations developing apps that are specialized to their business needs rather than using enterprise applications. Using specialized apps will allow organizations to distribute content and information to their customers more efficiently.

Customer Experience

From a customer standpoint, usability and responsive design are imperative. This can create some tension at the organization level. As CTO of CA Technologies John Michelsen suggests, "Organizations are no longer in control of their brands" because employees and customers are adapting to new technologies quicker than the businesses themselves.

Decline in BYOD

While many companies have previously encouraged their employees to "B ring Y our O wn D evice," there could soon be a shift away from this policy and into a comprehensive strategy. This is due in large part to a desire to keep company data safe.

Mobile Clouds

Cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud and OneDrive are becoming a more important part of the enterprise because they provide customers and employees alike with access to the data they need through a variety of devices.

Mobile Marketing

Google's launch of Hummingbird marked a turn toward more mobile technologies. It has also led those in marketing to adapt SEO parameters to connect to customers more efficiently.

Mobile Security

Security will always be a concern in the technological world, and the rise in mobility hasn't changed this. In fact, it has increased the amount of malware businesses have to deal with.

Mobile Stores

Rather than banning employees from using technology while working, an increasing number of companies is actually encouraging them to make use of their tablets and/or smartphones in order to help boost sales. Additionally, many are working hard to ensure that their physical store and mobile store are integrated.

Rise in Digital Money

Services like Samsung Pay, Square, Google Wallet and Apple Pay are rapidly gaining popularity and should be expected to continue steady growth.

Social Media Influence

Marketing in real-time has seen an uptick in recent years. This includes services like crowdsourcing and advertising through various social media platforms. These services have allowed a digital enterprise to form and let customers interact with both businesses and fellow consumers.

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