Calculating the Business ROI of Enterprise Mobility

Determine the measurable benefits of enterprise mobility in terms of ROI

enterprise mobility ROI

How often do you check your work email on your smartphone?

If you’re a workaholic like us, the answer is pretty often. And we’re not alone.

The advancement of cloud computing technology has introduced a new business phenomenon where workers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for work. Research shows that 20 percent of employees are willing to take a pay cut if they can be allowed to work more flexibly -- preferably away from their offices.

This concept also covers the ability to conduct business using non-conventional work devices such as tablets and smartphones as opposed to traditional norms like desktop computers.

About 39 percent of employees believe that companies are better off investing in enterprise IT. The fact that 1 in every 5 employees spends a considerable amount of time outside the office hints that business mobility could harness some lost potential in many industries.

Here are three measurable benefits of investing in business mobility:

Delight Your Customers

Companies must be oriented to satisfy their customers to the highest level possible in order to succeed in the 21st century. Regardless of what your sell, there are many competing businesses with substitutable products or services just waiting for their moment to steal profits.

With this in mind, delivering value to your customers should be a primary concern. Research has shown that before consumers engage with your business, they are already halfway in their decision to work with you. Are you prepared to provide the other half?

That’s not all:

Modern consumers have been shown to only approach companies after acquiring some basic information about their products from web searches and social media websites. This is essential since it implies that there is a high likelihood that every potential consumer who approaches you only demands that you give them the green-light to proceed with the purchase - on whatever device they happen to be using at the time.

Traditionally, consumers stumbled into stores with virtually no valuable company or product information. There was a high likelihood that they had no idea whether they were willing to buy anything on that day.

Studies reveal that about 90% of all customers are willing to buy your product by the time they send a message or call you. Enterprise mobility helps make this possible and only companies that have prepared will prosper. For instance, a company with an well-designed app and responsive website will be far more likely to receive such a call or message from potential customers.

Value Delivery

Enterprise mobility has introduced value delivery to the modern corporate structure.

Traditionally, businesses only delivered value once a customer bought and utilized a product. Things have changed now that many mobility-enhanced companies realize they must be willing to give away high-quality service value long before the consumer purchases the actual product. This includes taking calls, answering private messages on social media and replying to inquiry emails.

Aside from the delivery of value regarding information, mobility also delivers measurable value through fast connections. This is especially true when you consider the ability to set up highly responsive mobile websites and dedicated apps.

Some mobility solutions have even been streamlined such that consumers can use their favorite personal communication apps to connect to their businesses, the staff and their fellow customers.

Business Transformation

From an operational perspective, business transformation is perhaps the greatest measurable benefit of mobility.

According to Gartner, enterprise mobility has succeeded in radically changing the manner in which business processes are conducted. This new business practice has made it possible for companies to eliminate redundant and superfluous business processes such as most paperwork.

With new business processes, new standards have emerged essentially replacing traditional norms and cultures. Meetings no longer have to be conducted in person, signatures can be collected using tablet sensors, and payments can be done using crypto codes.

Primarily, enterprise mobility has not only replaced some business professions and activities, but it has also reshaped the sector and injected unpredictable cost savings in the process.

Determine the ROI of Enterprise Mobility for Your Business

Enterprise mobility should not be seen as a disruption to traditional business practices. This trend has brought about unprecedented flexibility, profitability and mobility. Mobility is a positive phenomenon in that it allows the consumers to receive services on demand, delivers high-value services and transforms business operations.

To learn more about enterprise mobility and how it can be applied in your organization, talk to the knowledgeable enterprise mobility consultants at Innovative Architects. We can help you calculate the ROI of mobility and determine the best path forward. Contact us today.