Mobile Moments Can Make All the Difference

The instant when a person decides to access a mobile app is known as a “mobile moment” – a phrase coined by Forrester Research's Ted Schadler. Mobile moments can include anything from figuring out information on a given subject, answering a question, performing calculations and making recordings.

If you're able to achieve a winning mobile moment for your business by developing a successful enterprise app, then the fingertips of your customers and vendors will gravitate toward your app when they go to use their device to find the answers they need. There are numerous enterprise apps on the market; therefore, you should take care to make “mobile-ization” a priority in order to capitalize on these mobile moments.

Businesses that are Building Customer-Centric Apps

Numerous businesses and industries are developing custom apps through enterprise mobile application platforms to meet the needs of their operation and create mobile moments with their customers. These types of applications include:

•  Airline apps – allow customers to easily purchase tickets and check the status of flights

•  Payment/loyalty apps – makes bill paying easier

•  Navigation apps – shows users their easiest route when driving

•  Car service apps – make it easy to order a car service (think Uber and Lyft)

The extent of customer apps being developed shows that there is also the technology to create enterprise mobile applications for workers. Work mobile moments are happening everywhere in the workplace: at meetings, during lunch or simply walking to a desk. Like the customer app examples listed above, specialized sections of the workforce are developing enterprise apps to help better manage their workloads in various sectors: sales, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, etc.

What does a mobile moment on an enterprise app look like?

The applications that achieve the best mobile moments are those that take a minimalistic approach, allowing for ease of use for the user. Additionally, the best apps allow users to interact with their information easily, complete their tasks quickly, and then get back to the user's real world.

In order to achieve an authentic mobile moment, an app user needs to be able to use the app when they actually need to. Given that typical enterprise apps are designed as large suites intended for desktop use, ease-of-use is imperative so that users can interact with the application, accomplish their task and get back to their jobs quickly.

Adding enhancements to your business, like enterprise mobile apps, can help your employees and your customers achieve these mobile moments. Of course, developing a mobile application that accomplishes everything a business needs can be difficult, which is why many companies have not yet taken advantage of the exciting opportunities made possible through custom app development.

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