How RapBack Healthcare Background Screening Promotes Staff & Patient Safety

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama, it was meant to be one of the largest overhauls of the U.S. healthcare system. Together with a number of provisions regulating the costs of healthcare, the Act also addressed an important issue that is extremely relevant to the safety of patients and staff members of healthcare facilities.

Included in the massive health care overhaul is a nationwide program that mandates background checks on all prospective and long-term employees at hospitals and healthcare facilities.

How background checks can protect the safety of staff and patients in these facilities is obvious

Prospective employees must be screened and need to be proved law abiding citizens before they can work in such environments. Potential access to the vast array of personal information normally collected and stored in patient paper-based files or electronic medical records (EMRs) is just one of many reasons for background checks at healthcare facilities .

The privacy of healthcare data, as well as the need to protect the patients' data, is paramount for providers. Data breach issues can not only cause problems to affected patients or staffers but could also undermine the reputation of the providers' facility with devastating effects to its management and operations.

Running fingerprint checks should be carried out as part of the hiring process and periodic screenings should be done for long-term employees

Patients' safety must also be safeguarded since they are obviously more vulnerable when being treated for health issues, or if they're elderly. A background check on staff members is seen as a safeguard measure to prevent any potential negative experiences at a healthcare or nursing home facility.

With background screening now becoming the norm at care facilities as a result of the PPACA, in order to do a thorough online background check on prospective employees and current providers, healthcare service organizations can rely on a number of companies who specialize in running these types of checks themselves. Such a valuable service can be provided by RapBack, a company that not only complies with the PPACA, but has a hosted, web-based suite of products that allow employers to investigate job applicants and monitor employees.

These tools allow employers to find out whether or not applicants or current staff has committed any crimes that could jeopardize the workplace or affect the patients' safety and the dignity of the organization.

RapBack Protect can promote staff and patient safety by ensuring healthcare personnel are clean and trustworthy. The RapBack Protect criminal history investigation process provides for a seamless exchange of information with national and state-level public registries, including the police and FBI. This means that prospective employers can check data in all states where the applicants has lived or worked, so as to prevent any surprises down the road at the care facility

RapBack Protect provides a clear idea of who their personnel really are.

The RapBack Registry Analyzer alone is both a money and time saver as public registry checks can be done before running a full-fledged background check. This product is able to retrieve an applicant's profile and it can find out if the candidate has a criminal offense listed in auto-search registries - this can all be done prior to needing to run a fingerprint-based background check.

RapBack's reach goes even further by providing real time monitoring of changes in an employee's criminal record

Not only is it able to help employers make informed decision on their prospective employees in compliance with the PPACA, RapBack's Employment Eligibility Manager product suite also allows them to have the capability to make eligibility determinations. With it, care providers have the ability to receive criminal history rap sheets and notifications when a change appears on defined registries.

This solution offered by RapBack is an excellent benefit for healthcare employers – they can either obtain important information to narrow potentially disqualifying applicants from being hired, or learn new information that can make current employees ineligible for continued employment.

By itself, a prescreening background checks only provides information on applicants' activities prior to their hiring. Having a monitoring system in place for current employees too protects the employer, its employees and clients even further by flagging potential problems as they happen. Any changes in the criminal background of employees would be brought to the employer's attention in real time for quick decision making.

This solution works through the use of RapBack Monitor, which transmits and updates rap sheets from the FBI and state police departments. This can be of use for making the determination to hire applicants or letting go medical staff members for the interest of the healthcare clinic and safety of patients.

If you're a healthcare facility looking for comprehensive background check services to maintain the safety and integrity of your facility, and comply with provisions in the PPACA, we invite you to check out Rapback today.