You already know the competition is fierce in manufacturing. Firms must contend with globalization, intricate supply chains, compliance, and varying customer preferences. As your business partner, Innovative Architects helps you adapt and respond to these marketplace demands through information technology solutions that improve process efficiency on the factory floor, in the warehouse, and at the distribution center. We have experience in automating data/image acquisition, signal conditioning and information tracking to make the process of inventory control, production planning, and quality assurance more efficient and error-free. We can help you to optimize your supply chain by providing you with access to comprehensive, accurate, and timely information because we understand a "one size fits all" approach won't deliver what you need.

Manufacturing Expertise

Innovative Architects delivers end-to-end enterprise solutions including:

  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Application management

Articles & Case Studies

    "ACIPCO knowledge workers are able to reuse templates with different content and easily repurpose the same content across a variety of applications."
  • Kemet
    "Today, manufacturers such as KEMET achieve their business objectives affordably and promptly thanks to enterprise-class B2B information integration."
  • E-Z-GO
    "E-Z-GO saved money, time, and aggravation because no data migration and minimal custom coding was required to integrate their new, state-of-the-art warehouse management system with their legacy system."


ESAB Welding and Cutting Kemet
E-Z-GO Siemens


"The solution built by Innovative Architects has eliminated about 8-10 weeks of a full time resource who was manually consolidating data into the required reports. The bottlers are now able to input online, save their data, and come back to it on their own time. It has made it easier for all of us with much less stress during the deadline. We have received very positive feedback from the bottlers around how much time they are saving. The solution has exceeded our expectations."

Ann Burton, CFO CCBA