First Citizens Bank

Microsoft Host Integration & BizTalk Server extend financial applications across the organization

First Citizens Bank is a $14 billion regional bank offering a complete line of financial services, including personal banking, business banking, investor services, trust services and insurance services. First Citizens Bank provides financial services for retail and commercial customers through a network of 340 branches in five states.

In July 2006, First Citizens Bank became the first Microsoft customer to deploy Host Integration Server 2006 into a production environment as part of the Host Integration Server- Technology Adoption Program. First Citizens Bank has deployed the Beta 1 release of HIS 2006 while working very closely with the Microsoft Product Team, TAP Coordinators, and Gold-Certified Microsoft partner, Innovative Architects.

First Citizens Bank is currently utilizing the Host Integration Server TI (Transaction Integrator) via the BizTalk Host Application Adapter. First Citizens Bank is also using the new Transaction Integrator feature of Discriminated Unions on the mainframe.

“Host Integration Server allowed First Citizens to quickly and easily leverage existing CICS functionality to empower business users to understand and therefore serve their customers better.”

– Adam Brannon, Innovative Architects


  • County or Region: United States
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Customer Profile:
    First Citizens Bank provides full-service banking for retail and commercial customers. The company offers commercial and consumer lending, deposit and cash management products, cardholder, merchant, wealth management services, and various other products, as well as services incidental to commercial banking.
  • Business Situation:
    First Citizens Bank needed to expose the functionality of its mainframe transactions in order to aggregate data from disparate host systems and to extend the availability of its mainframe financial applications across the organization.
  • Solution:
    With the help of Microsoft and Innovative Architects, FCB used Microsoft® Host Integration Server and BizTalk Server 2006 to create a solution that provides a complete and cost-effective messaging infrastructure for the bank’s mainframe environment. This solution enables communication with multiple host resources through industry-standard .Net Web Services.
  • Benefits:
    • Increased awareness of system availability
    • Additional online service enabled
    • Future growth provided by Service-Oriented Architecture
    • Increased access to customer information

Case Study

  • Situation
    First Citizens Bank (FCB) had a really simple goal: aggregate data from disparate host systems into a unified response. Once a unified response was achieved, FCB’s more complex goal was to provide a unified view of customers and other critical entities across a heterogeneous environment.
  • Solution
    FCB evaluated several technology partners and various platforms and decided to team with Microsoft and the Microsoft Server platform, specifically BizTalk and Host Integration Server (HIS).

    Previously engaged by the Microsoft sales team, FCB wanted to work closer with the product team. They were invited to join the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Host Integration Server 2006. This TAP program provided key members of the FCB team with exclusive training at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. In addition to exclusive training, FCB received a copy of the community technology preview (CTP) version of HIS 2006, which the FCB team successfully installed in their environment.

    In cooperation with Innovative Architects, a Gold-Certified Microsoft partner, FCB successfully connected the HIS runtime to their host CICS environment, enabling efficient management of communication with host resources. Utilizing BizTalk 2006, FCB is able to query multiple host resources with a single message, receiving a unified response that aggregates data from multiple host messages.

    In the future, FCB plans to leverage host security assets for HIS communication by utilizing Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Benefits
    By deploying BizTalk server orchestrations and utilizing BizTalk’s adapter framework, FCB is able to easily establish best practices and a common framework for integration and messaging. Additionally FCB is able to leverage enterprise level monitoring and instrumentation that comes “out of the box” with BizTalk server.

    Increased Access to Customer Information
    By using Host Integration Server to integrate with the IBM mainframe applications and BizTalk Server to orchestrate its transactions, FCB is now able to deliver additional data about customers to customer facing associates. FCB is benefiting from its new Microsoft solution by empowering its associates to help customers make the best decisions and ultimately be a more customer focused organization by viewing the complete picture of a customer.

    Future Growth Provided by Service-Oriented Architecture
    FCB was able to use the Transaction Integrator visual tools provided with Host Integration Server 2006 and Visual Studio .Net 2005 to extend the bank’s OS/390 transactions as Web services. FCB expects to be able to use the Web services to broaden the availability of its mainframe financial applications throughout the organization and to speed development of future solutions.
  • Software and Services
    • Microsoft Windows Server System
    • BizTalk Server
    • Host Integration Server
    • SQL Server
    • Microsoft .Net Framework