Ted Turner Enterprises

Ted Turner Enterprises utilizes SharePoint Portal Server for an Intranet solution with enterprise document management

Turner Enterprises (TEI) was created in 1976 to manage Ted Turner's private landholdings. The mission of Turner Enterprises is to manage Turner lands in an economically sustainable and ecologically sensitive manner while promoting the conservation of native species. TEI currently manages approximately 2 million acres of Turner's land in 14 states and in Argentina, as well as Turner's bison herd, which numbers more than 32,000 head. TEI required an easy and efficient way to disseminate information across many remote locations at a reduced cost and effort. Recognizing this business challenge Innovative Architects and TEI implemented Turnerverse, an intranet solution built on Microsoft .Net Server and SQL Server technologies.


  • County or Region: United States
  • Industry: Services
  • Customer Profile:
    Turner Enterprises (TEI) was created in 1976 to manage Ted Turner’s private landholdings. TEI currently manages Turner’s bison herd and over two million acres of Turner’s land in multiple states and abroad.
  • Business Situation:
    TEI needed a standard way to manage department views as well as a centralized repository for document management.
  • Solution:
    With the help of Innovative Architects, Turnerverse was created. Turnerverse is a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server based intranet solution utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and the .Net framework.
  • Benefits:
    Consistent corporate image
    Centralized area for sharing and working cooperatively.
    Eases user workloads
    Customized portal for ease of use

Case Study

  • Situation
    In order to minimize Intranet deployment costs, Ted Turner Enterprises (TEI) needed to implement an important program to standardize its widespread and diverse Intranet presence on a single platform. Based on the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, .NET Framework, and SQL Server, TEI's new solution delivers a consolidated platform that can be used to rapidly add intranet content. In addition, this solution can aggregate information from multiple sources, both internal and external, to provide a unified branded information delivery website.
  • Solution
    More than simply a static list of links, TEI extended Turnerverse to be a dynamic information delivery portal. The goal was to centralize all critical information for TEI employees and make it available in one place. Before this project, such information was available on several intranet websites, or in shared or public folders, depending on the department. With this solution, TEI was able to gather all information from several departments - legal, IT, PR, Finance, ebusiness – in one place. (Actual website: Turnerverse)

    In addition, having a centralized repository for business knowledge was very important to TEI. Internal users starting or continuing a project no longer need to start from scratch and can now benefit from previous knowledge – learning from others' mistakes and capitalizing on previous successes.

    Information on Turnerverse includes HR, Finance, Property Locations, and IT policies and procedures. Areas such as security, instructions on how to set up Internet sites, surveys, informational documents explaining specific technologies, internal information such as meeting notes and a company wide directory.
  • Benefits
    Common area for sharing and working cooperatively
    Turnerverse is currently receiving very positive feedback from all employees using the tool. Several other groups within TEI now hope to extend Turnerverse to include more information. Having a common area for sharing information and working cooperatively is an important business challenge for diverse companies like TEI.

    The solution offers two key benefits to TEI:

    Eases users’ workloads – First, it eases users' workloads and thus makes them more efficient and productive.

    Better corporate community overall – The solution addresses the communication and collaboration needs of TEI Intranet worldwide, which in turn will help to create a better corporate community.
  • Software and Services
    • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft .Net Framework
    • Innovative Architects, LLC