Wyndham Worldwide

Data Consolidation and Analysis Provides Competitive Advantage Insight

Wyndham Worldwide, a global leader in the hospitality industry, offers a wide range of hotels and resorts to meet all guests’ needs. Wyndham boasts over 55 brands that span 66 countries on 6 continents.  With over 7,400 hotels and resorts, Wyndham is a dominant force in the hospitality industry constantly seeking to meet the needs of guests across the world.

Wyndham sought out Innovative Architects to help compile risk management and insurance data into a central location for better insight.  With our help, Wyndham was able to deliver a competitive advantage for WorldMark. Through the Risk Management Data Collection Application created by Innovative Architects, data could be systematically collected and organized, yielding a broad and insightful perspective.  Additionally, data presentations enabled the most accurate depiction of data.  The application for Wyndham covered four main areas of data collection: incident reporting, claims management, property management, and insurance integration.

The Risk Management Data Collection Application is a .Net ASP application that allows for the collection of various risk management information through custom forms utilizing an organized and centralized reporting.  The application enables quality decision making and reduces the time and efforts spent collecting, organizing, and formatting data.

The application has been successfully replicated for a variety of companies to streamline and automate communication and data processing, specifically in the insurance and risk management industry.

  • Capture, manage, analyze data
  • Created one integrated system
  • Easy to access and maintain
  • Data can assist with business decisions more effectively
  • Concise analysis delivers competitive advantage insight
  • Secure web-based environment
Wyndham Worldwide

Innovative Architects provided a solution that spanned beyond our initial need.  When we sat down with the IA consultants, they were confident, empathetic, and really understood what we were looking for. The consultants at IA went above and beyond our expectations to implement an application that streamlined data collection, which has allowed our executives to make informed decisions without the labor of collecting and presenting data from a variety of sources.  I am confident that the application has enabled Wyndham to reduce costs, labor, and make the best possible decisions to deliver service excellence.
– -Marcus Delbridge, Risk Management and Insurance Specialist, Wyndham Worldwide