Microsoft Business Intelligence Consulting

Experienced Microsoft BI consultants provide the tools for informed decision making

Looking to squeeze more value out of your data? Innovative Architects BI consulting services can assist your organization by providing a range of creative business intelligence solutions - from implementing an enterprise-class BI platform to developing a tactical, highly-focused set of data analytics. Let our experienced consultants create custom solutions that offer fresh insight into your business like how to:

Improve profitability

Find your next customer

Identify hidden costs and opportunities within your business

With our help, your organization will gain new, deeper insights into how best to move forward.These perspectives can help you maintain your competitive edge and assist your business leadership by setting them on the path to informed decision-making.

Innovative Architects uses proven technology platforms to create robust, reliable and scalable solutions that provide accurate, timely information to decision makers.

Our BI Data Analytics & Mining Services

Our BI consultants provide expertise for any scenario related to the strategic planning and/or design and implementation of business intelligence, using the right technology for the current environment. Specific areas of capability include:

Data Warehouse Architecture & Implementation

Bring all your business intelligence data under a single data warehouse to unlock deeper insights and data-centered decisions.

Operational & Analytical Reporting

By combining data from operational reporting and data analytics, your business can improve the effectiveness of your business decisions.

SQL Server R Services

Access data-driven insights directly from your database by integrating scalable, R-based SQL analytics solutions from Microsoft.

Power BI Implementation

Easily view your data's story by utilizing the interactive dashboards and BI reporting features of intuitive Microsoft's Power BI platform.

BI Platform Consolidation

By consolidating redundant business intelligence platforms, you can help our business reduce costs and streamline infrastructure.

Master Data Management & Data Governance

Implement the necessary structure for the collective exercise of authority, control and shared decision making over your data assets.

Classroom Training & Knowledge Transfer

Teach your team how to fully leverage your BI system, safeguard data security and harness the power of data analytics to achieve maximum benefit.

SQL Server Performance Tuning

Applications and data warehouse performance degrades overtime without a proactive approach to keeping your databases optimized. Eliminate deadlocks affecting operational performance and simplify data management with our 5-day SQL server performance optimization tuning.

Big Data Consulting

Our Business Intelligence Success Stories

Siemens Financial Services

Siemens - Our BI consultants replaced an outdated paper-based collection process where data was entered by hand with an automated, secure system. Read case study


Blackbaud - We enabled deeper insight into each customer - from the issues they face and the products they use to the support they request. Read case study


Teletrack - After partnering with IA, the Teletrack sales team can now add new clients with reduced investment by the organization. Read case study

Innovative Architects assisted Teletrack with re-engineering our transaction processing system. Without their high level of expertise and dedication to appropriately staffing the project, the project could not have been a success. They provided great value and did an outstanding job.
- Keith Banks, Chief Information Officer, Teletrack

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