Microsoft Business Intelligence Consulting

Experienced Microsoft BI Consulting Services Provide the Tools for Informed Decision Making

Innovative Architects BI consulting services can assist your organization in getting more value out of your data. Whether you are interested in an enterprise-class BI platform or a tactical, highly-focused set of analytics, our expert consultants can build solutions that offer new insights into your business; insights into improving profitability, finding your next customer, and identifying hidden costs and opportunities within your business.

The new perspectives gained from these insights aid in maintaining your competitive advantage and set you on the right path to improving your organization's decision-making capabilities. Using proven technology platforms, Innovative Architects creates robust, reliable solutions that scale with your organization and provide accurate, timely information to decision makers.

Data Services

Our BI consultants provide expertise for any scenario related to the strategic planning and/or design and implementation of BI, using the right technology for the current environment. Specific areas of capability include:

  • Data Warehouse Architecture & Implementation
  • Data Analysis & Modeling
  • Operational and Analytical Reporting
  • SQL Server R Services
  • Power BI Implementation
  • BI Platform Consolidation
  • Master Data Management and Data Governance
  • Classroom training & knowledge transfer

BI Case Studies

  • Siemens
    Replacing a paper based collection process where the data was hand keyed into MS Excel.

  • Blackbaud
    Enable more insight into each customer, from the issues they face and the products they use to the support they request.

  • Teletrack
    The sales team can add new clients with reduced investment by the organization.

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"Innovative Architects assisted Teletrack with re-engineering our transaction processing system. Without their high level of expertise and dedication to appropriately staffing the project, the project could not have been a success. They provided great value and did an outstanding job."

Keith Banks, Chief Information Officer, Teletrack


Blackbaud Teletrak
UPS Siemens