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Pepsi Bottling Ventures
Microsoft Integration Platform utilizing BizTalk & SQL Servers

Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV) distributes Pepsi-Cola beverage products throughout the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Many years ago, PBV implemented BizTalk Server 2004 to support various integrations with Trading Partners for purchase orders and invoicing. Over time, these integrations became inefficient and outdated, given the latest capabilities with the 2013 product.

Innovative Architects was engaged as a strategic partner to lead PBV through the process of upgrading to BizTalk Server 2013. IA helped PBV improve several business processes and established a scalable and more consistent integration platform. While working with PBV, IA was able to gain a better understanding of the business. This unique perspective allowed IA to identify and help resolve several gaps and inefficiencies in the existing integration strategy.

Through the success of this initiative, PBV recognized the value of an improved and stabilized solution platform for their business integrations and improved the relationships with their customers and business partners.

Veterans United
Microsoft Services Oriented Architecture Framework using BizTalk, SQL, & Windows Servers

Veterans United provides loan options to former and current United States military personnel. In order to process the loans in an efficient manner, integrations with systems that manage customer, loan products, and business intelligence must be expedient. Veterans had multiple integrations that were independently constructed and managed in a disparate manner which caused inefficiencies in the business. IA was engaged to help improve these integrations as well as consolidate them into a single platform.

IA implemented a BizTalk Server 2013 and business rules engine solution for Veterans United that was both robust and flexible. Business logic was configured through the implementation in a manner that allowed for future extension and configuration. Through a paired programming approach, client staff at Veterans United were trained to support the solution for the long term.

The final solution was a unified means of managing critical system integrations that saved the organization support efforts and provided opportunities to sunset antiquated infrastructure.

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
SQL Server, Reporting Services, .Net Framework, and ASP.Net

Innovative Architects has partnered with Wyndham Worldwide to complete an on-line Risk Management Web-Based Portal to allocate insurance premiums throughout business operations and to reduce the complexity of handling claims. This application is used by over 500 people in over 30 countries! Our IA Microsoft consulting team works directly with the Wyndham Risk Management team to designed, develop, extend, and support the application for nearly 5 consecutive years. This application uses cutting edge Microsoft technologies to include IIS, SQL Server, Reporting Services, .Net Framework, and ASP.Net.

Swedish Match
SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft’s BizTalk Server

Innovative Architects has partnered with Swedish Match to provide an internationally deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Integration solution through the use of Microsoft’s BizTalk Server. Innovative Architects has been instrumental in the design and configuration efforts for the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. Specific to Swedish Match, IA works closely with the Avanade Dynamics Ax implementation team on a daily basis to incorporate and monitor our interdependent work. Innovative Architects brings an invaluable, end-to-end perspective to the table for the Swedish Match leadership. This integration project has allowed Innovative Architects to provide the design and delivery of improved business processes through the identification of requirements, design of patterns and implementation, all while helping to ensure the maximum utilization of the new ERP system.

The LifeLine Program
SQL Server, IT Workflow

Innovative Architects (IA) has partnered with The Lifeline Program to complete a strategic review of their Information Technology department. The strategic review was to outline the current platforms being used to operate the business, such as software currently being utilized, infrastructure implemented, security assessment and overall IT policies and procedures. Our IA Microsoft consulting team, working directly with The Lifeline Program’s Chief Financial Officer, produced a strategic view for the company to outline future short and long term direction, opportunities and risk, governance processes and priority, and immediate needs assessment. The IA Microsoft consulting team remained on past the initial strategic review sessions to facilitate the implementation of day-to-day tasks and operational issues to ensure a smooth transition their longer view of Information Technology department. Building trust from immediate quick wins with the business units helped solidified a long term relationship of success.

CredAbility, Nonprofit Credit Counseling & Education
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A national provider of credit counseling services asked Innovative Architects (IA) to migrate their legacy resource scheduling application off of a mainframe platform to a modern extensible framework. The application targeted for replacement managed the core day-to-day business processes for the client, but was difficult to customize, and expensive to maintain and operate.

IA successfully completed the migration and delivered the application by applying agile development practices and a “quick win” approach that demonstrated in a concrete way how the project could succeed. A key to the success was leveraging the built-in service management capabilities and customizable data entities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing IA to focus on the core business needs.

The end result was an extensible solution that reduced operating costs, simplified regulatory compliance reporting, and enhanced the client’s ability to manage and track customer interactions.

Agency for Healthcare Administration
C#, MVC, SQL Server, Reporting Services, XML/XSLT

The AHCA background check system (BGS) provides an online interface that integrates federal and state resources such as the FBI, state law enforcement agencies and the department of health (DOH) among others. It allows healthcare providers to submit applicant information, collect and consolidate background check data, allows state agencies to make determinations and includes the ability to notify employers when employees make criminal violations.

Using our InnovativeBCS Framework, which takes advantage of our extensive experience in the background check industry, Innovative Architects delivered extensive enhancements and SOA based implementations on the Microsoft framework. The new system featured online integration to external vendors via web services published in a standard interface, along with improvements with the State Police.