10 Ways SharePoint Improves Productivity

ECM Consultants at Innovative Architects describe why Microsoft SharePoint is worth the investment

IT support is about more than just fixing computers when they break down. From a technological angle, IT is responsible for a myriad of maintenance support tasks, but also more complex and vital roles, such as productivity in the workplace.

When employees are forced to work with slow, inefficient software, their productivity suffers. It is the job of your IT department or service to provide coworkers with the most updated software that allows them to do their job proficiently, correctly, and profitably.

This is where SharePoint? Microsoft's premiere Web application platform and collaboration software?comes in. Here are ten reasons why you should consider SharePoint as a way to improve your company's productivity:

10. Apps and the Marketplace

The constantly growing Marketplace means SharePoint users have access to various apps and updates that keep their programs running quickly and efficiently. These options also help users avoid the cost and risk of creating customized software?saving time and money in the long term.

9. Business Intelligence

Before SharePoint, assembling unstructured data from different sources for analysis was only possible for technicians who were highly experienced in data warehousing. However, now that SharePoint's in-memory capabilities through Excel client allow any business user to pull data from numerous sources, anyone can create a spreadsheet in minutes.

8. Web Content Management

Website management is made easy with SharePoint. One of the program's key areas of emphasis is running internet facing sites by embedding videos directly onto pages, creating short URLs, and offering full multi-lingual and multi-device support.

7. Site Policies

Over time, sites must be cleaned up, updated, and maintained. Security loopholes, broken links, and stale content can eliminate a site's impact, which is why SharePoint allows users to trigger workflows and configurations for handling inactive sites.

6. Managed Metadata

SharePoint allows users to tag content with a taxonomy or folksonomy of terms, which establishes a more accurate and efficient filing system. From these tags, certain properties can be assigned to the terms, and can be tracked from a social perspective or by using keywords.

5. Search

Remember the days when employees would spend hours flipping through endless file cabinets in search of a document? Well now searching for stored documents is made easy with SharePoint tools that equip users to recalling information effortlessly?quick document previews, detailed search refiners, and organized understandable filing systems.

4. Social

In addition to helping improve productivity on the IT side, SharePoint also fosters better collaboration in the workplace, which encourages communication and efficiency. With SharePoint, you and your coworkers can work together through Interactive feeds, Community and Follow Sites, and send documents down the electronic assembly line with workflows.

3. User Interface

Navigating SharePoint is simple and designed to be user-friendly. The program mimics other commonly-used software so that it is more understandable for IT management and users. Users will spend less time trying to understand how SharePoint works, and more time putting the program to use as a technology solution.

2. Sharing

SharePoint makes sharing easy and secure by allowing users to limit permissions with just two clicks. With SharePoint, employees can collaborate on one document, and rather than spend hours combining multiple edits from into the file, they can access the document themselves and implement corrections directly. The program also keeps track of who has requested access to a site.

1. Document Management

Keeping track of important documents and properly storing them for later use has notoriously been a difficult, if not impossible, task, especially for large companies that file thousands of documents daily?that is until SharePoint. With SharePoint, companies can drag and drop crucial documents into secure folders, and store them in designated places which can instantly be recalled, saving employees hours of work searching for missing documents.

At Innovative Architects, we provide technical support for our clients from beginning to end, and our software architects can help you develop, implement, test, and maintain every aspect of SharePoint.

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