Microsoft SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and content management software provides for seamless integration of your entire enterprise

It may be painfully obvious that your firm needs a better way to manage documents and collaborate on projects, but you're hesitant to pursue an option because you've been down this road before. You and your IT team decide on a system, but the system is an absolute horror for your employees, and winds up being more trouble than it's worth.

Many companies, both large and small, have upgraded their systems to SharePoint's vast array of solutions for communication, collaboration, internet/extranet, business intelligence, responsive web/mobile design and much more. Best of all, SharePoint integrates seamlessly with existing Microsoft Windows. And you don't even have to invest in expensive servers if you choose the SharePoint Online cloud-option.

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SharePoint solutions

Our SharePoint Discovery Program can help your IT team decide which projects are a good fit and how to create an implementation roadmap using best practices to meet the needs of all business units. Explore SharePoint's diverse set of design and collaboration tools. Customize SharePoint with HTML and JavaScript for various enterprise solutions.

Cloud computing

Learn how you can take advantage of all the benefits available through SharePoint without the hassle and expense of obtaining your own servers. See how cloud migration is transforming IT and opening doors to companies of all sizes and budgets.


Read more about current and prior clients at Innovative Architects who have harnessed the powerful tools of Microsoft SharePoint and customized them to meet the needs of their enterprise by extending SharePoint’s features with JavaScript and HTML coding. Industries include financial, healthcare, manufacturing, services and much more.

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Learn what makes Innovative Architects one of the industry's premier providers of SharePoint solutions and consulting, and how our team can work with any business in any industry to find the right custom solution to address core business challenges.

SharePoint resources

Are you looking for easy-to-digest information to help you understand SharePoint, JavaScript frameworks, Mobile First responsive websites, mobile app development, DotNetNuke, cloud computing and IT systems in general? Check out Innovative Architects' extensive resources explaining the basics of interconnectivity, content management and much more.

SharePoint blog

Stay up-to-date on important industry news, company news, new content and some quick tidbits about SharePoint features, platform strategy, cloud computing and other systems.

Are you a company looking to transition to the next generation of information sharing, responsive design with mobile first front-end framework such as Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation, app development, collaboration and business intelligence? 
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