Cloud Computing Solutions: Effective, Economical, Secure

Leveraging IT to meet the goals of businesses both big and small
through Microsoft Cloud-Based Services

Technology is constantly changing, and businesses must change with it or else risk getting left behind by competitors who are more adaptable. Whether you manage a startup small business or a Fortune 500 corporate enterprise, cloud software solutions present a unique opportunity to make your organization more flexible, agile, and scalable.

Microsoft Cloud Computing Services

Microsoft Azure
Azure is an open, flexible cloud platform that allows your developers to build applications using any language, tool or framework, then deploy and manage these apps across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Furthermore, Azure’s public cloud applications can easily be integrated with an existing IT environment.
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SharePoint Online
Office 365 is the same Microsoft Office you use on a daily basis, except it is also powered by the Cloud. This gives you access to manage your applications, documents, and files from virtually anywhere and on any device—laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. And everything is automatically updated. SharePoint cloud migration is one of the lightest, easiest, most accessible approaches to shared cloud hosting.
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Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception when it comes to the business sector. The sheer number or organizations—from small businesses to major corporations—that are now developing infrastructures based around the Cloud model, or choosing to migrate from their existing hardware infrastructure to a simpler Cloud approach, is skyrocketing year after year. And it is plain to see what is behind this major shift.

Through Cloud technology, companies and organizations can now obtain the benefits of collaboration software without having to go through the process of setting up and implementing an infrastructure that supports it.

Some of the other main benefits of migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure are:

Minimal launch time
Rather than taking hours—if not days—to launch or update, cloud applications are typically up and running in seconds or minutes, and easy to learn.

Immediate global workforce
Enable your team to access information through the Cloud anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device — so long as they have an internet connection.

Intelligent automation
Self-provisioning tools give users the ability to spend more time responding to customer and business needs, and less time tinkering with manual intervention.

Security & confidentiality
The primary concern with cloud computing is security. Serious companies need to ensure that private data in the Cloud stays confidential. Using one of two SharePoint cloud hosting platforms, the consultants at Innovative Architects will make sure your migration to the Cloud is quick, easy, but above all, secure.
Greater scalability
Users can effortlessly scale their compute or storage capacity up or down depending on what's needed, keeping your infrastructure simple and efficient.

Reduce or eliminate infrastructure maintenance
Cloud systems can automatically sync with the main server to get the latest updates and patches, which drastically cuts back on time spent doing administrative tasks.

Low startup and capital costs
Maintain easy access to vital information with minimal upfront investment. With the Cloud model, simply pay as you go and based on how much storage space you are using.

Big data
In addition to helping store data, cloud computing services give you the ability to sift through vast amounts of unstructured data to find meaningful business intelligence—a must-have tool for making informed decisions about your organization's future goals.

Is your organization or business cloud ready?

As a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner, we work closely with businesses to determine if Microsoft cloud platforms such as Azure or SharePoint truly are the best solutions based on your individual business needs and goals, and then help you implement it in an easy, seamless way.

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