Eliminate the Headaches of Custom Deployment in SharePoint

IA’s SharePoint Deployment Accelerator is a user-friendly tool for custom development & automated deployment

Have you adopted SharePoint at your company but run into issues with implementation?
Do you need custom pages and applications that run in SharePoint, but get frustrated with custom deployment?

There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s SharePoint platform is one of today’s most popular platforms for sharing and hosting information, but one of the most common misnomers we run into regarding SharePoint is that it’s usable straight “out-of-the-box.”

The fact is that most companies will require at least some customization for SharePoint to function properly and to its full potential. The challenge is deploying customized apps and pages in an automated way. SharePoint by itself lacks an easy way to integrate custom pages into the navigation menus and doesn’t come with any automated deployment applications.

SharePoint Deployment Accelerator from Innovative Architects helps address these challenges through an easy-to-use wizard that delivers custom apps and information directly into the SharePoint Framework

With the Deployment Accelerator for SharePoint, your team will be able to develop custom .NET pages and functionality and deliver them directly into the Framework. Other features include:

  • All development is done in Visual Studio 2008 which has ASP.NET designers and code support for build Wed Parts

  • All custom pages have direct interaction with the SharePoint navigation menus through custom placeholders

If your company is looking for an easier way to deploy custom applications in SharePoint, the Deployment Accelerator from Innovative Architects is a proven tool for companies of all sizes.

Be sure you can take advantage of all the benefits SharePoint can provide your firm. Simply sticking with the “out-of-the-box” solution will only hinder your potential…

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While powerful, Microsoft’s SharePoint doesn’t have an easy way to deploy custom apps and pages, deployment Accelerator helps address these gaps and maximize the value of your investment

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