SharePoint Migration

Seamlessly migrate your enterprise content into the Microsoft SharePoint platform without disrupting daily operations

Businesses and organizations are increasingly turning to the SharePoint platform as an efficient way to manage shared content and shape their collaborative workspace. By making knowledge sharing achievable and convenient, SharePoint has become a vital software asset for enterprises in a wide range of industries—from the finance and manufacturing sectors, to healthcare and insurance.

However, a chief concern many of these businesses have is how they can migrate to the SharePoint platform in a way that minimizes disruption of their daily operations. As a comprehensive software solution, it is critical that you take the initial time and effort demanded by SharePoint integration in order to deploy an application that lasts a long time and conforms to your specific needs. Yet few companies have the extra resources to devote to such a project.
This is where Innovative Architect’s SharePoint migration expertise can help.

A trusted way to plan, organize, and migrate

When you seek the assistance of an IA professional prior to rolling out SharePoint, your organization will benefit from a number migration features and services:

Experienced Pre-Migration Planning

For almost a decade, businesses have been coming to us asking for help in managing their migration to the SharePoint platform, and we have seen first-hand how a lack of organization and planning can get these major software changes off to a bad start.

Migration From Your Current Platform to an Updated SharePoint

If your organization already has an existing content management platform or a prior version of SharePoint, IA consultants can also help get you updated to the newest version of SharePoint or Office 365. Site portals, lists, libraries, workflows, security permissions, documents, history, social pages—we can help you migrate everything!

Migration at Your Own Pace

In today’s 24/7 competitive market, companies simply can’t afford to have any downtime. Lack of availability means missing out on revenue. That’s why a migration to SharePoint with our help means your user accessibility will not be affected whatsoever. You can continue using the old environment and gradually ease into the new platform by migrating individual processes as you are ready.

Committed to Migration Success

The most valuable aspect of IA’s migration services is our strong commitment to helping you develop a fully-functional collaboration platform. We work closely with all of our clients from the preliminary planning all the way to deployment. In other words, we stay on the job until you are completely satisfied with your collaborative workspace.

Through our migration and consulting services, well-known organizations like Siemens, First Citizens Bank, ACIPCO, BlueCross BlueShield and many others have be able to successfully integrate SharePoint without disrupting their daily operations. Check out our case studies to learn more about how our custom technology solutions have been able to help our clients.

Find out how your business or organization can achieve content migration success too by talking to a professional SharePoint consultant at IA today, or browse our blog and knowledge center for more general information.