SharePoint Consulting

Achieve maximum return on your SharePoint technology investment with the help of Microsoft Gold Certified experts from Innovative Architects

Microsoft SharePoint provides an all-in-one enterprise platform to help businesses and organizations better collaborate, manage and locate information - thus minimizing wasted time and driving up productivity. SharePoint consultants at Innovative Architects equip businesses to turn the possibilities provided by Microsoft sharing software into successful solutions with real, quick ROI.

With years of experience with every version of SharePoint, from WSS 3.0 to SharePoint 2013 and including Office 365/SharePoint Online, Innovative Architects knows SharePoint infrastructure inside and out. We have crafted individual SharePoint experiences for hundreds of global enterprises and small organizations, working with each of them closely to optimize their technology platform.

Whether you need a talented professional to find and fix problems in your existing SharePoint infrastructure, or a skilled developer that can build custom web sites, enterprise intranet and extranet portals, and develop mobile-first, responsive web design projects using a powerful HTML, CMS, and JavaScript framework such as Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation from the ground up, we provide the perfect solutions for you.  

Get started the right way…

If there is one thing we’ve learned from helping clients maximize their efficiency the last 10 years, it’s this: a well crafted and highly utilized SharePoint implementation is only as good as its underlying infrastructure.
Innovative Architects has the knowledge and skills to implement SharePoint the right way and ensure that it continues to provide useful features, productivity, and cost benefits. Our SharePoint professionals can guide you through the proper setup and implementation of SharePoint. This can include the following:

  • Responsive Web Design. With the advent of mobile technology like tablets and smartphones, developing a fluid-grid site that can conform to various screen sizes is essential in the modern business world. This concept is known as responsive web design (RWD). Adopting Microsoft’s Mobile First, Cloud First strategy for SharePoint, Innovative Architects’ developers create responsive websites to provide opportunity for business expansion and to reach out to new markets, including smartphones, tablets, X-Box, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Customization. Though SharePoint comes with many out-of-the-box features that you can implement into your organization’s infrastructure immediately, the flexibility of the enterprise solution means that some customization may be required to form-fit SharePoint to your business needs. Using JavaScript and HTML code, SharePoint features can be extended on the front-end, giving you complete flexibility over responsive web development and content/data management. 
  • Information Architecture & Taxonomy. Disorganized and “naked” content is not very useful. It makes it hard for users to find what they are looking for or know what they are looking at. The proper content structure and metadata is essential to making SharePoint work for you.
  • Security Policies. Much of today’s digital information is very sensitive in nature, and proper care must be taken to ensure that users are able to access the information they need quickly and without delay.
  • Search. A properly configured search setup with suggestions, refinements, and best bets is key to help users find what they are looking for quickly and keeping them productive. This goes hand in hand with Information Architecture & Taxonomy because proper metadata is essential for relevant search results.
  • Content Migration. Companies often have numerous disparate content sources ranging from intranet portals, file shares, email, and even thumb drives. Consolidating all content into a central repository is desired for superior collaboration.
  • Branding. How employees and third-parties interact with an organization’s site interface is key to planning a logical user experience. Plus, strategic portal design maintains consistency within an organization’s brand.

Optimize Your SharePoint Benefits

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise level, large scale web application platform and CMS solution aimed at helping businesses take charge of document management, web development and employee communication. SharePoint can provide everything from user-friendly HTML, CSS, JavaScript front-end framework integration for creating responsive, mobile first web sites, to content organization and collaborative workflow, to governance. Without experienced technical guidance, these features often get out of hand or forgotten altogether.
No matter the platform—WSS, SharePoint 2007 to 2013, Office 365/SharePoint Online—our experts can assess and update your existing Microsoft architecture, providing you with:

  • Infrastructure Review. An infrastructure that has been around for a while may not be running as smoothly as it could. Review and remediation can improve performance and thereby improve employee productivity.
  • Business Intelligence. Once your platform is up and running, data starts streaming in from countless content sources. Learning how to transform that raw data into useful information can be an invaluable decision-making tool.
  • Microsoft CRM Integration. By integrating CRM seamlessly with a website, organizations can better understand their customers.
  • Upgrade. When the latest version comes out, businesses can realize huge benefits through upgrading and taking advantage of new features.

Contact a Microsoft certified SharePoint consultant today and tell us about the issues plaguing your organization, or feel free to ask us for more information on any of our capabilities. And feel free to browse our SharePoint blog and knowledge center for general information…