Interconnect Your Employees through SharePoint Social

Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration & social networking tool helps you harness today’s powerful interactive features to your company’s advantage

Today’s online world has a gotten a lot more social and interactive. Employees can literally waste hours surfing and posting popular social media sites like Facebook throughout the day.

Rather than your employees chatting with friends online, wouldn’t be great if your company had a compelling, attractive and fun social media tool? Wouldn’t it be great if that time was spent on a social site that contributes content to your company and help to other employees?

Like other networks, the biggest benefit of SharePoint Social is that it helps people find each other.

This can help your company by providing a way for employees to learn about each other’s expertise and interests, as well as their current and past projects. This in turn helps ensure your company’s most valuable resource – its brain trust – is being used to its maximum advantage. Employees can find others who have worked on a similar project, or they can find the right expert that will know the right answer.


Broadly speaking, SharePoint Social includes a couple of different “services”

  1. My Sites – Allow users to have their own sites to manage their content and work with their teams. More importantly, keep user profiles up-to-date to help employees find the right person.

  2. Blogs & MicroBlogging – User generated content is often the most useful. Allow employees to push useful information, or even just fun tidbits, to the rest of the company.

To learn more about SharePoint Social, how it works, and how it can benefit your company in the long-term, we invite you to check out our comprehensive SharePoint whitepaper.

And if you want to discuss how custom social network can benefit your company, feel free to contact SharePoint Social consultants at Innovative Architects today.