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Get out of the Stone Age and into the modern era of social and mobile computing with an inexpensive and quick Microsoft software update

Upgrading from
SharePoint 2007 to 2010

If your current infrastructure is running off SharePoint 2007, then it’s well past time for an update. SharePoint 2010 offers a wide range of more advanced features and designs compared to the 2007 edition, including a sleeker looking interface, adaptability to older versions, more and improved data backup and recovery capabilities, better localization options, and more.

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Upgrading from
SharePoint 2010 to 2013

The power and utility of SharePoint 2010 is unrivaled in the enterprise software industry, which is why so many organizations continue to use it in their daily operations. However, everything that SharePoint 2010 does, the 2013 edition can do quicker, faster and better. In addition, SharePoint 2013 integrates new features entirely, such as modern social computing with newsfeeds similar to Facebook and Twitter, community sites, site and document sharing permissions, and lots of other time-saving functions.

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Run a business for very long and you’ll quickly see that consumer habits and trends can change frequently and without warning. Business managers also understand that in order to remain competitive, their organization must be adaptable, updating and reevaluating their business strategy as needed. This kind of responsive entrepreneurship is key to staying relevant in the long term.

So a critical question to ask yourself is: What is holding my business back?

One common impediment to forward progress is woefully outdated software. Many organizations are stuck with computer processes that are ill-equipped to handle today’s business challenges. And yet, it’s simply not financially feasible or logical to invest in upgrading your platform every time a new version comes out—especially since the word “upgrade” is often used by software companies as simply a revenue-seeking tool masked behind some minor cosmetic tweaks.

Drawing from years of experience working closely with businesses to improve collaboration, we can tell you that SharePoint is different. When Microsoft comes out with a SharePoint update every three years, these new editions offer much more than just cosmetic alterations.

Each SharePoint upgrade builds off of previous versions by enhancing the usability and efficiency of existing components, as well as introducing brand new features in response to the constantly evolving needs and demands of businesses, consumers and markets.

By working with a SharePoint professional at Innovative Architects, our clients have experienced first-hand how investing in a more functional SharePoint yields outstanding benefits in managing an enterprise and gives firms a competitive edge in an increasingly changing world.

It’s time to give your SharePoint a promotion – Upgrade Today!!

Whether you want to upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to 2010, 2010 to 2013, or you don’t have an existing SharePoint platform at all and want one custom built for your organization, the IA experts can help you.

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