SharePoint Branding & Usability

Upgrade your SharePoint user experience and boost overall productivity through IA’s branding services

One of the great features of Microsoft SharePoint is that it can implemented straight out of the box. However, the difference between a functional SharePoint and a productive SharePoint lies in customizing the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) to match your organization.

An improved user experience creates stronger customer loyalty, higher retention rates, and increases worker productivity. In fact, when asked what was the single most important factor is for determining the value of an enterprise solution, most business managers say it’s all about effective user adoption.

Why IA is your ideal partner for upgrading your SharePoint services

The SharePoint professionals at Innovative Architects are experts at creating custom solutions for budget-sensitive organizations facing visual branding and usability concerns.

Through user interviews and subject matter experts, we will gather an in-depth understanding of the product and processes involved. Key tasks will be optimized and the product navigation and hierarchy will be constructed to ensure straightforward user paths for accomplishing tasks. At the completion of the UX design process, you will have a fully tested and approved page-layout, navigation, and style guide ready to be handed off to the developers.
And no one does development better than IA….

  • IA knows Information Architecture. We’ve worked on hundreds of products and can quickly grasp the structure and content of an existing product, and identify ways to restructure to improve the value and ease of use.

  • IA knows Interaction Design. We’ll apply the results of the latest research and trends to create straight forward page layouts and navigations for users while keeping up with modern best practices.

  • IA knows Usability Engineering. Whether you’re looking to understand the weaknesses of your current product or gain an edge over your competitors, IA can conduct large and small scale user tests in a variety of settings.

  • IA knows Visual Design. Establishing a strong visual brand for you organization is key to developing an extraordinary user experience. With our own in-house graphic and interface designers, we’ve worked on all facets of visual design – from completely rebranding a company, to giving web sites or products a modern face-lift, to defining an exact style guide to create a consistent look and feel throughout your product.

Whether you’re upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 or 2013 or creating a new platform from scratch, IA has the tools and experience to deliver a superior result that exhibits excellence in the seven keys areas that comprise a good user experience: Usefulness, Desirability, Usability, Value, Accessibility, Credibility, and Findability.

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