SharePoint Web Building

Harness SharePoint’s powerful suite of graphic design and development tools to create custom enterprise intranet and extranet portals, web-based applications and responsive web sites by leveraging popular front-end, mobile first frameworks including Bootstrap and Foundation

When most people think of SharePoint, they think of its highly functional document management and collaboration tools. Although prior versions of SharePoint did include some tools for building external websites, they lacked many features that are critical to a business website’s success.

In past versions, designers found it very difficult to put a site into final form, and often had to work with developers to implement their designs. Needless to say this caused a lot of friction...

Furthermore, earlier versions of SharePoint web development lacked many critical capabilities like search engine optimization (SEO), the ability to build a mobile-friendly site, or the ability to write your site in multiple languages. 

SharePoint’s 2013 edition addresses many of these issues by combining its signature project management tools with a user-friendly content management system

Below are a few ways that SharePoint 2013 delivers a better, less expensive and more user-friendly web development experience:

  • Graphic design specialists can now build responsive HTML web designs with all the trimmings (CSS, Javascript) and easily convert them into Master Pages. Before SharePoint 2013, a developer would need to come in and handle the conversion.
  • Designers can also get a better look at their final product with the new snippet gallery feature, which eliminates a lot of back and forth between designers and developers.
  • Easily create SEO-friendly URLs, which of course helps the page perform better in search engines.
  • More robust responsive web design (RWD) tools allow designers and developers to target page layout to specific devices by implementing fluid grids, flexible infrastructure and CSS media queries. No more headaches in trying to get your website to work properly on smartphones, tablets and computers. And where CSS styling falls short, responsive SharePoint can be customized with JavaScript front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation to build an easily manageable site that is 100% mobile and future friendly.
  • New tools for creating a search engine driven site, which allows graphic designers and developers to ditch hard-coded queries.
  • Development tools for public websites are now standard on SharePoint, whereas before it was an additional charge.

Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and start taking advantage of robust RWD tools - experienced consultants at Innovative Architects can guide you every step of the way

Do you wish you could use SharePoint’s powerful document management and collaboration tools for your company’s public website or your enterprise intranet portal?

Now you can by upgrading to SharePoint’s 2013 version.

Get started today by reaching out to an experienced SharePoint consultant at Innovative Architects to discuss your company’s needs. And visit our knowledge center and blog for more information about this exciting new frontier in branding, responsive web design and development.