SharePoint Web Portals

Develop user-friendly, comprehensive portals for your workforce, suppliers and customers with Microsoft SharePoint’s powerful CRM tools

It’s likely that in years past, your company’s portal systems were only used for basic functions like using the company directory or registering a product for a warranty.  Many facets of your company’s operations simply were not integrated into one cohesive platform, which of course led to a lot of stress, misunderstandings and mistakes.

Today’s SharePoint ERP portal applications are much more robust, and provide superior flexibility. When you combine this with Microsoft’s world class collaboration and document management tools, you’ve got the recipe for a smooth functioning, extensive platform for your workforce, suppliers and customers.

SharePoint 2013 software provides pre-formed portal templates, or build your custom ERP or CRM platform from the ground up

If you could describe SharePoint’s web portal functionalities in one word, flexibility would be the one. Superior flexibility to customize your portal, be it for internal use for your workforce, or external for your customers, the SharePoint system offers unmatched flexibility in designing a business solution that meets your needs.

If a pre-formed template works for your needs, one can be setup in no time. But if you’re like most organizations, you have unique needs that require a custom systems solution.

Don’t know where to begin? Let the business integration pros at Innovative Architects help you build a user-friendly, robust web portal for your enterprise

We’ve teamed up with literally hundreds of companies, organizations and agencies to help them take charge of their document management and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint.

Our team is Microsoft Gold-Certified, meaning we’ve built the experience and expertise to be recognized as a top-tier consulting firm by the software giant.

What does this mean for your enterprise’s ERP and CRM portals?

It means hands-on attention all the way from your initial inquiry to implementation and beyond. We get to know your company through user interviews and evaluation of existing systems, which gives us a detailed understanding of where your company is and what you need to meet your goals.

After we’ve determined your needs and built the actual platform, we then work with each of your personnel to ensure a high adoption rate.

Ready to get started?

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