SharePoint Training

Information Tailored to your Needs

What good is a fantastic SharePoint implementation if your employees have no idea how to use it?

Whether it's the simple basics of document management, a deep dive into a specific feature such as workflows, training on a custom built solution, or SharePoint administrative tasks, Innovative Architects has friendly and professional SharePoint experts that can teach you all you need to know (and some things you don't) about SharePoint.

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  • Introduction to SharePoint
    Learn the basics, see some demos, and ask questions and receive answers from people that work with all aspects of SharePoint on a day to day basis.
  • Extended Training
    If there is a specific area or a custom solution that your users need to understand, learn everything about it.
  • Technical/Administration Training
    From Site Collection Administrators to Farm Administrators, these users carry a lot of power. Make sure they wield it properly by learning best practices and common "gotchas".

Innovative Architects' education programs are focused consulting engagements, not mass-produced lectures.

Our in-house experts custom tailor a program to your unique needs.