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Overcome your organization’s hurdles with SharePoint’s custom content management and sharing applications

What is the biggest problem your employees are facing right now? In almost every organization, certain issues frequently come up. Over time, these recurring issues decrease productivity and waste valuable resources, but managers often don’t know what they can do about it. Have you ever considered Microsoft SharePoint as a possible solution?
At Innovative Architects, we offer an expansive IT solution to many of the common (and not-so-common) issues that businesses face on a regular basis. Our SharePoint Solutions encompass a wide range of enterprise development services and management tools - from collaboration and web building, to business intelligence and much more. Furthermore, each of these applications can be customized to address the specific needs of your organization and help you accomplish your business goals.

Here are some of the SharePoint Solutions we offer:

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SharePoint Extranet
SharePoint can be used to create a secure, password-protected platform where people or businesses outside of your intranet can be given controlled access for shared business purposes. These web-facing sites are often used to integrate third-party vendors, suppliers and other B2B relationships into a shared collaborative environment.
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SharePoint Intranet
Microsoft intranet portals empower organizations by centralizing access to company data, files, and applications on a corporate network. This internal content management system not only protects private enterprise information from outside sources, but also cultivates a work atmosphere based on employee collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and centralized organization.
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SharePoint Migration
When it comes to a platform that shares and hosts information, SharePoint is clearly unmatched. But that doesn’t mean the software comes “out-of-the-box” ready. To get the full benefits of SharePoint, you need to implement it in a way that fits into your existing business model and avoids major workflow disruptions. Migrating your current infrastructure to a more collaborative one like SharePoint must be carefully planned and executed. IA enterprise specialists are experts at initiating smooth SharePoint migrations.
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SharePoint Upgrades
Comprehensive systems like SharePoint do require an upgrade every once in a while. Renewing your current infrastructure with new releases is a vital step if you want to take full advantage of benefits of a collaboration and management solution. New systems resolve the concerns and glitches of earlier versions, which means getting updated will improve the overall functionality of your IT platform. Plus, an IA SharePoint consultant can upgrade your company’s current infrastructure with minimal disruption.
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SharePoint Web Portals
With SharePoint’s “Publishing” features, you can easily manage your enterprise’s larger public website and sub-sites. As a web content management system, Microsoft’s internet portals allow users who have little training or experience with web programming and markup languages to create and manage websites with ease.
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SharePoint Reporting
A reporting application can be integrated into your SharePoint’s deployment, allowing you to track, record, schedule and analyze all aspects of information-sharing on your site - including who is accessing what, how long, the growth of certain sites, storage capacity, which Web Parts are being used, etc. SharePoint’s reporting tools provides administrators, business stakeholders and content owners a comprehensive overview of their SharePoint environment.
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SharePoint Consulting
IA’s SharePoint services give you direct access to our talented team of infrastructure professionals. Drawing on our extensive experience aiding various organizations in all kinds of different industries, our SharePoint consultants can review your existing infrastructure, find and fix problems, recommend changes, install upgrades seamlessly, and even build a customized application from the ground up. We can help your business get the full range of benefits provided by SharePoint migration.
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SharePoint Web Building
SharePoint supplies an array of dynamic web development tools that give users with the proper permissions both front- and back-end control over building custom, mobile-first responsive SharePoint sites using JavaScript or HTML code. Through the easy-to-use Designer application, even developers without a background in JavaScript or Microsoft technologies can create a mobile friendly site in no time by choosing from a responsive website template, specifying its location, who you want to give access to the site, and much more.
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SharePoint Branding & Usability
Consistent branding and improved user experience are fundamental to retaining customer loyalty, higher retention rates and worker productivity. Here at IA, we know all about branding and usability, and we have the tools and experience needed to keep you ahead of your competition in seven key areas: Usefulness, Desirability, Usability, Value, Accessibility, Credibility, and Findability.
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SharePoint Social
In today’s increasingly connected world, an organization that is not taking advantage of social media tools is already falling behind. Instead of fighting with employees who waste time on their personal social media sites throughout the work day, why not set up a fun, interactive social media platform where your team can contribute relevant content to the company, help other team members with problems and strengthen the cohesiveness of the office? SharePoint Social gives you the tool to do this and then some.
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SharePoint Training
A software platform is only as good as its users. What we mean by that is you can have the best SharePoint platform in the world, but it is pointless if your employees don’t know how to use it. SharePoint gives you the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage and share content, but it is up to the users to take advantage of these features. IA SharePoint experts can teach you and your team how - from system fundamentals, to working with custom built solutions.
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SharePoint Dashboards
SharePoint Dashboards provide the very best data visualization tools, enabling you to better read and understand important business data and trends. Excel worksheets can quickly become cluttered with too much information, making it nearly impossible to decipher. Working alongside SharePoint’s powerful Business Intelligence tools, the Dashboard assembles relevant data from databases, Excel sheets, or giant data warehouses, and presents it in an interactive and attractive way.
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SharePoint Customization
As a development platform, currently there is no clear way to customize and automate SharePoint deployment. To address this challenge, the IA SharePoint Deployment Accelerator can give your team the functionality to develop .Net pages and efficiently deliver them into the SharePoint Framework. This effectively speeds up the migration process and gives you greater control over custom development.
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Don’t understand how all of this applies to your organization?

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