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An improved user experience creates stronger customer loyalty, higher retention rates, and increases worker productivity.

Here are IA we understand the importance creating a quality user experience that drives adoption and utilization. A good user experience is vital to staying ahead of the competition. Whether you’re improving an existing product or creating a new one, IA has the tools and experience to deliver a superior result that exhibits excellence in the seven keys areas that comprise a good user experience: Usefulness, Desirability, Usability, Value, Accessibility, Credibility, and Findability.

Client Work

NAIS - National Association for Independent Schools
Microsoft SharePoint 2010, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Branding Implementation

Take a peek at the NAIS home page

Large UX/UI initiative to define and deliver creative options for multiple public-facing sites. Deliverables consisted of wireframes & interactive concepts; mock-ups/screenshot options; and branding implementation (Master Page, Page Layouts, Style Library, and pages) for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. An important facet of UX delivery was the seamless approach of branding multiple child-level sites under the umbrella. Visit and see some of our work!

CredAbility - A Non-Profit Credit Counseling Agency
MVC 4.0, jQuery, KnockOut js, HTML5, CSS3, Branding Implementation, Design Strategy

View the Personal Consumer Distress Index - PCDI screenshot
View the CredAbility CSR application

Persistent support for multiple projects to include SiteCore CMS design updates for their public-facing site, usability analysis, internal Customer Service applications, and email marketing/satellite site creation (creative) help. Conception, presentation, implementation, and delivery.

NAMB - North American Mission Board
MVC 4.0, jQuery, Razor, HTML5, CSS3, Branding Implementation, Photoshop CS5

Click here to see view a sample of the Missionary Applications & Requests Module

Successful implementation of navigational flow, and interface goals. NAMB has an existing branding platform that would require any integration to capture more than just look and feel, but also a consistent user experience. We worked with their creative team to develop a crisp translation of their Missionary Requests and Applications paper process, into a robust application to assist users with a more streamlined flow of information.

OpenSky Corporation -
Information Architecture, SharePoint 2010 Branding & Implementation, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop CS5

View a screenshot of the OpenSkyIntranet Homepage

Our continued success with various iniatives at OpenSky opened up opportunities to assist in the development of a SharePoint 2007 upgrade to 2010. Requiring an Enterprise Document Management System, stakeholders also required a more consistent interface for their users, and an improved Information Architecture. Our Creative Services team helped define the content reorganization through streamlined navigation and interactive concepts. Application of custom branding and navigation catapulted the intranet design into a highly adaptable and scalable environment that supports a highly engaging User Experience.

SharePoint 2010 Branding & Implementation, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop CS5

View a screenshot of the LogoMat public-facing application
Click here to see the My Account Customer Portal

Milliken & Company had been executing a corporate-wide rebranding effort that included the rewriting and rebranding of important external facing websites. Brand consistency and navigational flow were of high value to the team because of integral pieces of Milliken’s online relationship with external partners. We were able to implement the creative layer with efficiency, and absolute client satisfaction, in addition to meeting the requirements and needs of our users.

MVC 4.0, SharePoint 2010 Branding & Implementation, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop CS5

Service-On-Demand Public facing landing site for Assurant Insurance Solutions
Click here to see the My Account Customer Portal

Innovative Architects assisted the Assurant development team with a refreshed look & feel for their satellite public-facing site. This project inspired multiple subsequent initiatives for our Creative Services team, and helped pave the way for continued UX opportunities. In addition to public websites, we have also engaged various business rule engines that required an extremly robust interface with flexible operability. Simplifying the user-interface for common business users was of the utmost importance, and IA delivered.

City of Covington
SharePoint 2010 Branding & Implementation, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop CS5

Click here to view a screenshot of the SharePoint Upgrade and redesign

The City of Covington started a re-design initiative for their dated SharePoint 2007 public facing site. Stakeholder interviews shed light on their desire to “freshen-up” the site, with stronger navigational flow, streamlined usability, and a rebranded look & feel. The creation of moodboards early in the design process defined a design direction, and creative options were delivered in an effort to confirm desirable outcomes. Our output consisted of customized page-layout templates, masterpage execution, and the creation of a library of creative assets.

User Experience and Branding Consulting

Using user interviews and subject matter experts, we will gather an in-depth understanding of the product and processes involved. Key tasks will be optimized and the product navigation and hierarchy will be constructed to ensure straightforward user paths to accomplish their tasks. At the completion of the UX design process, development will be ready to commence with no questions remaining – a fully tested and approved page-layout, navigation, and style guide will be ready to be handed off to the developers - and no one does development better than IA.

  • IA knows Information Architecture Here at IA we’ve worked on hundreds of products and can quickly grasp the structure and content of an existing product, and identify ways to restructure to improve the value and ease of use.
  • IA knows Interaction Design We’ll apply the results of the latest research and trends to create page layouts and navigations that will be straight forward and intuitive for users while keeping up with modern best practices.
  • IA knows Usability Engineering. Whether you’re looking to understand the weaknesses of your current product or gain an edge over your competitors, IA has what you need. We can conduct large and small scale user tests in settings from a full usability lab to remotely on users’ home computers. We understand the principles of usability and keep up to date with modern research to ensure that you get the best analysis and outcome possible.
  • IA knows Visual Design With our own in-house graphic and interface designers, we’ve worked on all facets of visual design – from completely rebranding a company, to giving web sites or products a modern face-lift, to defining an exact style guide to create a consistent look and feel throughout your product.