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Tired of monitoring your big data on a hundred different dashboards?
Accelerate business intelligence with a custom, comprehensive Power BI platform.

What's your data telling you? Tell your data story with interactive, intuitive analytics dashboards and business intelligence reports that put the power of data discovery into your hands.

With Power BI, our Microsoft gold certified consultants can partner with your organization to build a dynamic and interactive data visualization platform that can help you focus on what matters: your business. Our 10-day Power BI Accelerator Program will let us deliver a Power BI quick start proof of concept to help accelerate the excitement Power BI can offer your organization.

Are you harnessing the full power of your business intelligence system?

Our Microsoft gold certified consultants can help your organization build a dynamic, interactive data visualization environment using Microsoft's Power BI platform. By leveraging existing data and security controls, information is presented to decision-makers in an intuitive and holistic format. Native integration with SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel means that the learning curve is shorter and team adoption is higher.

Access Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Connect to your BI data and live dashboards from any device. Gain instant access to real-time analytics and allow your team to make powerfully informed business decisions from any location.

Measurable Power BI success made simple

With the Power BI platform, Innovative Architect can partner with you to deliver real, measurable results through:

Insightful, interactive data dashboards

Strategic planning and visualization of your data

Mobile BI reporting

Mobile visualizations natively via the Power BI app


Power BI training

Training to your end users and IT team


Cloud or onsite Power BI integration

Cloud-based or on-premises deployment


Intuitive BI tools

Embedded visualizations for your application

Our 10-day Power BI Proof of Concept Program

Need additional help? Partner with us to launch your 10-day Power BI Accelerator Program that will let us deliver a Power BI quick start proof of concept to help accelerate the ROI Power BI can offer your organization. Our expert Microsoft consultants will work closely with your team to identify "quick win" dashboards and data insights to your business.

During our 10-day Power BI Accelerator Program, we will:

Create a strategic foundation for the Power BI platform within your organization

Orchestrate Office 365 or Power BI account provisions

Identify key points of your data story and your visualization of organization data

Develop an interactive proof of concept Power BI platform utilizing your data

Ready to discover what secrets your business data holds?

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Case Studies: Our Power BI training, integration & consulting experience

At Innovative Architects, we can deliver the best BI system and tools for your organization. But don't just take our word for it.

West Palm Beach DDA
Innovative Architects partnered with the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority to help consolidate disparate data sources, in various formats and from various partners, to help view the city performance like never before. In an "amazing" way...
American Enterprise Institute
American Enterprise Institute partnered with Innovative Architects to assist with creating interactive reports for data stored in Salesforce. While Salesforce provides a method to create reports and dashboards, users are unable to easily interact with the data and explore deeper meaning of their data. Using Power BI provided AEI a much more powerful method to identify trends in giving and donor profiles.
Creative Design Interiors
Prior to PowerBI, we were trying to make decisions with data that was 30-days old at best. It was like trying to drive your car forward by looking through the rearview mirror! PowerBI has given me access to a number of pre-determined reports that are essential in running our business... I can log in from anywhere that I have an internet connection and get the latest information without having to bother my Team with report requests and tying them down with excel spreadsheets and pivot tables. Very powerful stuff!
- Creative Design Interiors, Inc.

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Why partner with our Microsoft Power BI consultants?

Innovative Architects BI consulting services can assist your organization in getting more value out of your data. Whether you are interested in an enterprise-class BI platform or a tactical, highly-focused set of analytics, our expert consultants can build solutions that offer new insights into your business - insights into improving profitability, into finding your next customer and into identifying hidden costs within your business.

The new perspectives gained from these insights aid in maintaining your competitive advantage and set you on the right path to improving your organization's decision-making. Using the proven technology of Microsoft's suite of Power BI tools, Innovative Architects creates robust, reliable solutions that scale with your organization and provide accurate, timely information to decision makers.

In addition, we can answer questions like:
What does Microsoft Power BI do? How does Power BI work? How much does Power BI cost? Why use Power BI?

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