SQL Server Performance Assessment

Are your enterprise applications running slowly? Deadlocks affecting operational performance? Reports timing out? Sound like you're overdue for SQL server performance tuning...

Performance tuning in SQL Server can quickly become a complicated task, especially for mid-sized and large businesses where even the most minor change to large-scale data can create a ripple effect that impacts performance - for better or worse.

At Innovative Architects, our Data Service consultants have deep experience with SQL Server performance issues and how to solve them. Whether it's T-SQL optimization, indexing strategy, maintenance jobs or hardware/network concerns, we can help.

5-Day SQL Performance Optimization

During our 5-day SQL Server Performance Assessment Program, we will provide your team with a full diagnostic report on performance issues relating to your SQL Server database. Specific recommendations for improvement may include:

  • Indexing strategy
  • Statistics management
  • T-SQL best practices
  • Hardware configuration
  • Database maintenance strategies
  • Database configuration

In addition, we will deliver a high-level presentation (suitable for non-technical team members) outlining the current state of your SQL Server environment and recommendations on how to optimize your database.

Lastly, we'll partner with your team to provide side-by-side support to address immediate, high priority issue

5-Day SQL Server Performance Assessment Program

Day 1:

Collect performance metrics

Day 2:

Analyze performance

Day 3:

Compile and document findings

Day 4:

Present findings and prioritize with your team

Day 5:

Implement immediate fixes and configuration changes
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I have had the opportunity to work with Innovative Architects and have always been impressed with their knowledge, execution, and genuine desire to arrive at the right solution for our customers. All of the customers I have had the opportunity to work with in partnership with Innovative Architects had expressed an extremely positive view of the services and advice they have received.
- Gene Webb, Microsoft Application Platform Solution Specialist

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