EDI Implementation Brings Standardized but Flexible Data Exchange

Some days it can seem like you spend more time shuffling forms than you do concentrating on making a good product or providing a good service. You’ve considered some sort of electronic automation, but have discovered it to be too cumbersome, too expensive, or both.

Other systems for automation may also be limiting in that there is no standardized format to communicate effectively with outside firms.

EDI, which is short-hand for Electronic Data Interchange, gets around this problem by providing a set of standards companies can use to exchange information

This transmission of information - be it an invoice, purchase order, bill of lading, student transcript, healthcare claim or whatever – is technically known as an EDI transaction.

Standardized EDI solutions don’t have to strait-jacket your firm into one particular solution. Properly implemented EDI is flexible, suiting the needs of your particular enterprise

While each company can have specific formats it uses to transmit EDI messages both internally and externally, flexibility is allowed - provided formats are based on accepted standards.

For many firms, implementing EDI has meant the end of paper documents altogether. Transmitting important business information like a purchase order or invoice has several benefits over paper, some of which include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased accuracy, fewer mistakes
  • More supply chain visibility
  • Enhanced security
  • Better management decisions

To top it off, EDI messages can be transmitted in different ways. Smaller enterprises can transmit messages through an online/HTTP protocol, while larger volume businesses can establish a Value-Added Network (VAN) to transmit messages more directly.

Don’t put off improving your day-to-day operations with integrated EDI

See how EDI experts at Innovative Architects have helped enterprises like BlueCross, BlueShield of North Carolina and others revolutionize their operations by integrating EDI into their systems.

Check out our knowledge center and blog to learn more about EDI, or feel free to drop us a lineEDI experts with a wealth of experience helping both small and large businesses are standing by, ready to evaluate your firm’s needs and offer a tailor-made solution.