Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Services

Microsoft Azure services from Georgia cloud computing consultants provide applications and infrastructure without expensive hardware investments

Upgrading your hardware and servers is typically quite time consuming and expensive — maybe too costly for your company. Fortunately, this is no reason to miss out on suite of innovative technology solutions for your company provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud computing system.

These Internet-accessible servers from Microsoft provide much needed services without expensive investments in new hardware and servers. Cloud computing development is not only cost-effective, but also a safe and secure alternative to traditional hardware infrastructures.

Long story short: You will save on both time and money with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Gold-certified Azure consultants at Innovative Architects can skillfully help you implement these sets of services that allow development, management, and hosting of applications off-premises.

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Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Services: Access vital programs and information from anywhere in the world

With Azure, you can be more mobile than ever before. Microsoft has servers located all around the world. So simply with a laptop and Internet connection you can safely and securely access vital company information and programs to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

In addition, implementing Microsoft Azure cloud computing at your company or firm will provide immediate benefits such as higher productivity, more cost effective processes, and better information flow.

Microsoft Azure By the Numbers

85 Percentage of Fortune 500 companies using a Microsoft Cloud
1/3 Fraction of Microsoft Azure’s share of the total cloud market
6 Million Number of Microsoft Azure Government Cloud users
120K Average number of new Azure subscriptions per month
950 Million Approximate number of active users currently on the Azure Directory
1.4 Million Number of SQL databases in Azure
2 Trillion Number of messages per week processed by Azure IoT
40 Percentage of Azure revenue that is from startups and ISVs

Our Azure Consulting Services

Innovative Architects helps businesses small and large better manage their processes and information by implementing Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Services.

Microsoft cloud services from our Georgia consultants help you implement all major parts of the Windows Azure platform, including the following list:

Windows Azure Compute Services – Elastic processing capabilities for application and web based application and services.

Window Azure Storage – Structured data storage capabilities encompassing blob, queue, and table storage.

SQL Azure – Relational data services located in the cloud that are based on the SQL server.

Windows Azure AppFabric – Cloud-based middleware for developing cloud and on-premise connected systems.

Windows Azure Marketplace – An online service for purchasing Cloud-based data and applications.

If you’re looking to implement systems and processes that will make your company function more effectively, contact cloud computing consultants at Innovative Architects and inquire about how our Microsoft Azure services can help your company accomplish its goals.

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